Where is the police station in gta 5?

Where is the police station in gta 5

Where is the police station in gta 5 . There are several police stations in GTA 5, each located in different neighborhoods and regions of the game’s map. Some of the main police stations in the game include:

  • Rockford Hills Police Station: Located in Rockford Hills, on the corner of Power Street and Rockford Drive.
  • Vinewood Police Station: Located in Vinewood, on the corner of Power Street and Vinewood Boulevard.
  • La Mesa Police Station: Located in La Mesa, on the corner of Capital Boulevard and San Andreas Avenue.
  • Mission Row Police Station: Located in Mission Row, on the corner of Little Bighorn Avenue and Atlee Street.
  • Sandy Shores Police Station: Located in Sandy Shores, on the corner of Joshua Road and Route 13.
  • Paleto Bay Police Station: Located in Paleto Bay, on the corner of Procopio Drive and Paleto Boulevard.
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You can find these locations by opening the map in-game and looking for the police icon. You can also find them by driving around the city, they are usually marked with a blue sign with a white silhouette of a police officer on it.

It’s important to note that, you can’t enter the police stations as a player, they are just used as a location for certain missions and as a spawn point for police vehicles.

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