how to dodge in gta?

how to dodge in gta

how to dodge in gta ? In Grand Theft Auto V, there is no specific “dodge” button or move. However, you can use certain techniques to avoid enemy attacks or bullets. Here are a few ways to dodge in the game:

  1. Use cover: Use the environment around you to hide behind objects such as walls, cars, or buildings to avoid enemy fire.
  2. Roll: Pressing the sprint button while moving in a direction will make your character roll. This can be useful for quickly moving out of the way of bullets or other hazards.
  3. Jump: Jumping can be useful for dodging projectiles or avoiding enemies that are close to you.
  4. Drive/Fly: If you are in a vehicle, you can use it to dodge enemy fire by driving or flying away from them.
  5. Melee: If you are close to an enemy, you can use a melee attack to interrupt their attack and put them off balance, allowing you to escape.
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Keep in mind that the best way to dodge may vary depending on the situation and the type of enemy you are facing. It’s always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings and to have an escape plan in case things go wrong.

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