GTA 6:Everything we know so far


From its rumoured location to its characters, here’s everything we know about GTA 6.

GTA 6 news

GTA 6 is now formally under development, according to Rockstar. Rockstar Games posted an article on its official website stating, “We are thrilled to confirm that active production for the next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise is well underway.” For almost a decade, GTA fans have been anticipating a sequel to GTA 5, thus this news was appreciated.

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New GTA 6

Although there are still many questions about the game, there are many rumours going around, and lately, a significant leak posted early production footage online. Here is what we currently know about GTA 6 to avoid any confusion caused by these disparate bits of information.

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When is GTA 6 going to come out ?

As of 2021, there is no official release date for the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI). However, rumors and speculation about the game’s development and potential release date have been circulating among fans and in the gaming community.

Rockstar Games, the developer and publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series, has not yet made any official announcements about the development or release of GTA VI. However, there have been several hints and clues from the company that suggest that the game is in development.

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For example, in April 2020, Rockstar Games posted a job listing for a “Narrative Script Writer” for an “unannounced title,” which many fans believe to be GTA VI. Additionally, in February 2021, Rockstar Games parent company, Take-Two Interactive, announced that they have multiple “unannounced titles” in development, which again, fans believe to be GTA VI.

when is gta 6 coming out?

Despite these hints, Rockstar Games is known for taking its time with the development of its games and it’s not uncommon for the company to take several years between releases. The last game in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, was released in 2013 and it’s been 8 years now and still there is no official word on the release date of GTA VI.

Given the lack of official announcements from Rockstar Games, it is difficult to say when GTA VI will be released. Some fans and industry analysts speculate that the game could be released as early as 2022, while others believe it may not be released until 2023 or later.

It is important to note that the release date of GTA VI is subject to change and any information regarding the release date should be treated as speculation until an official announcement is made by Rockstar Games.

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In conclusion, as of now, there is no official release date for Grand Theft Auto VI, but based on the hints and clues provided by Rockstar Games, it is likely that the game is in development. Fans should expect to wait for some time before an official release date is announced.

GTA 6 trailer release date

The trend is continued by the lack of an official trailer. There are, however, a few believable fan-made trailers. One of the most well-liked was a Marlon XGamer April Fool’s hoax that garnered over 4 million views. Soon after the video, the Portuguese gaming YouTuber revealed the joke, but not before it had a chance to trick millions of people.

Similar trailers and teasers were distributed on other convincingly titled bogus Rockstar Games YouTube channels, such as “Rockstar Games Official” and “Rockstar North,” which greatly confused internet users. These trailers flood search engines with false information, giving the impression that there is a trailer when there isn’t.

Don’t be deceived by that. The verified Rockstar Games YouTube channel should be used as a guide.

Is gta 6 out?

where is GTA 6 located

As of my knowledge cut off, there has been no official announcement or confirmation of a new game in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, let alone any information about its potential location.

However, speculation and rumors about the location of a potential GTA 6 have been circulating online. Some of the most popular theories include:

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  • Vice City: A return to the fictional Miami-inspired city that was the setting of the popular 2002 game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” is a common suggestion among fans.
  • Liberty City: Another fan-favorite location is Liberty City, which was the setting of the 2001 game “Grand Theft Auto III” and its sequels.
  • Los Santos: Some fans have suggested that the next game in the series could take place in Los Santos, the fictional version of Los Angeles that was the setting of the 2013 game “Grand Theft Auto V.”
  • A new city: Some rumors suggest that the next game in the series could take place in a completely new, fictional city. This would be a new take on the series as all the previous games are set in the existing cities.
  • Multiple Cities: Another theory is that the game could be set in multiple locations, similar to how “GTA V” featured three different cities.
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It’s important to note that these are just rumors and speculation and there is no official confirmation from the developer Rockstar Games about the location of a potential GTA 6. The game is not yet announced and the developer has not shared any information about the game.

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GTA 6 protagonist

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is the highly anticipated upcoming installment in the popular open-world action-adventure video game series developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. While little is known about the game’s plot or characters, rumors and speculations have been circulating about the potential protagonist of the game.

One popular theory is that the protagonist will be a female character. This would be a first for the series, as all previous games have featured male protagonists. Some fans have even suggested that the main character could be a woman of color, as a way for the game to reflect and explore diverse perspectives and experiences.

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Another rumor suggests that the protagonist will be a criminal from a lower class background, possibly from a Latin American country. This would be a departure from the previous games, which have mostly featured protagonists from upper class or criminal backgrounds. This could allow for a unique storyline that explores themes of poverty and class struggle.

It’s worth noting that Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed any information about the protagonist or plot of GTA 6, and any information circulating online should be considered as rumor and speculation.

Regardless of who the protagonist ends up being, fans can expect the same level of immersive gameplay and open-world exploration that the series is known for. With Rockstar’s track record of creating compelling characters and stories, players can expect a thrilling and memorable experience when the game is finally released.

GTA 6 characters

It is currently unknown which characters will return in the upcoming game Grand Theft Auto VI, as the game has not yet been officially announced or released by Rockstar Games, the developer of the Grand Theft Auto series. However, it is possible that some characters from previous games in the series may return, such as protagonists from previous games, or recurring characters like Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Franklin Clinton from Grand Theft Auto V. But it’s all speculation and unconfirmed

What is Project Americas?

“Project Americas” refers to a massive Reddit leak about GTA 6. It’s called “Project Americas” because that’s what the leaker claimed Rockstar codenamed GTA 6. The leak details information including possible locations and features in the upcoming game.

Trusted games industry figures have claimed that this leak was fake – or at least mostly fake. You can read it, but don’t believe everything it contains. It will likely inform a lot of the internet speculation you see about GTA 6 before release, so you’ll at least know where it came from.

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GTA 6 development

In a recent report from Bloomberg, Rockstar is intending to launch “new missions and cities on a regular basis” after the launch of GTA 6. The scale of the upcoming entry is the biggest the GTA series has seen, which is affecting the game’s schedule. Bloomberg’s sources said they expected at least another two years of development, so we don’t expect a release date anytime soon.

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pre-order GTA 6

There aren’t any GTA 6 pre-orders yet, which shouldn’t be that surprising. After all, the release date is years into the future. We’ll update this section when pre-order information becomes available

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